However hard to make sense with some of these, I wrote them.

Morning Routine

I wanna join to your morning routine,
watch you combing your hairs,
see you on your mirror standing behind you,
I want to hold your waist and make this morning dance with you,

I watch your pyjamas off and how you sneak in your jeans,
Then what do you do to your lips, and some other things that I don't know,

your naked foot steps in a sweet rush
as you walk to your door,
where your favourite shoes are,
how clumsy it is, falling down your heels,
as your telephone rings, you say "hello" to your lover,
Then I disappear in my dreams,
I disappear in my own dreams.

How many times you can hurt me

Don't feel hopeless,
Just stand up again,
Pretend like nothing has happened
No, you have not been funny
No, your selfesteem has not been wounded
You need to stand up, you need to be strong
Just to fall down again, you need that hope.


My prison fenced with gray,
Everywhere I stare there is something common
Sky pierced with prays, leaks blues to the sea,
The reflections over faces, holes are on the bodies,
Wherever I turn, no one can't miss the play,
What I miss is gray, what I think is gray,
What I dream is gray, what I want is gray...

Strange Substance

Earth divides in two, light is swallowed by darkness,
shadows cover the bliss, colors become fade,
air becomes the poison of your pity fate,
while drawing images, into your sanity,
paranoia capturing you, cannot stop thinking,
fooling with hopes, like a child plays
eyes looking at you, frozen blood in veins,
tighter your skin the more you suffocate,
it wants to get out within your every breath,
your mind is lost when your body is awake,
a strange substance, growing inside you,
memories buried in graves, destinations are late,
words that are never said, feelings that have changed
in these barren lands, what alive became dead,
within a single blink, you have never existed.

My dreams

This is another night without holding you in my arms...
Again and again unrecoverable seconds go by without plunging into your dreams...

It's me again,
Swimming into the sea of your existence,
Breathing the lovely air,
Filling with expectations...

Above, the dark clouds break the silence,
Raining over me one by one,
with a constant enthusiasm
Each drop is a screechy hit to the ground,
Irresistible call of life
Tearing down the drapery of a hopeless deaf,
An unusual feeling covering the veins,
With the blood pumping to each edge
Passion, addiction,
Climax of reincarnation,
Salvation from old habits,
Forming into new modality,
Impossibilities with realities,
Indispensable necessities,
This is not a world fulfilled with fantasies,
Just a confession,
Outbreak of paralysed forgotten thoughts...